Visit Nin

Visit Nin

Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town 3000 years old. It was founded by Iliryan tribe Liburnians in the 9th century BC under the name of Aenona. It is situated 14 km north-west from Zadar in the middle of the east side of the Adriatic sea sourrounded with amazing sandy beaches. The center of the old town is situated on a small island 500 meters in diameter conected with the mainland by two stone bridges. Nin is very rich archaeological site. According to archeological finds the Nin area appears to have been sattled 10 000 years ago.

During the Roman time, Nin was important municipality and sea port. Uppon arrival of Croats in the 7th century Nin became their first political center and royal town.

Today Nin is atractive summer tourist destination with rich offer. It has natural sandy beaches, healing mud Peloid, many historical sites, rich gastro and accommodation offer. In 2016 it has been awarded as European Best Romantic destination.

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